Goldfish Memory AnalyzerGoldfish is a tool that allows you to find memory leaks, excessive use and fragmentation problems quickly and easily.  All in a clear, user friendly way. Other abilities include being able to monitor the memory you didn’t even know you had lost due to code use as well and memory operations on a frame by frame basis.

Working with the Elephant allocator, Goldfish allows real-time visualization of what is going on in your system, with minimum performance implications for your application.


Goldfish features: 
  • View the complete memory structure of you application.
  • Compare memory snapshots in order to isolate leaks and memory consumption.
  • Visually see where fragmentation has occurred and what has caused it.
  • View each memory operation over time and between markers defined by you.
  • Analyze the size of static/global variables in your executable.
Live View

Live View mode Live View is the latest feature included with Goldfish. It connects over the network to Elephant to provide a real time memory overview of your application. It is enabled using one line of code and has a negligible performance impact.

Live View will show you each Heap within Elephant, showing memory consumption for each. You can zoom in on memory or zoom out to get a larger overview.

At any point you can take a snapshot of all the memory in system and view it instantly.

X-Ray Vision

View the fragmentationYou can view all allocations and fragments from Elephant memory snapshots. With certain configurations you see the name you associated with the allocation (or free). Elephant also stores a callstack for each operation. This can be linked to a MAP file to let you see where they have occurred.

A Continuous View enables you to see each memory operation in the order they occured. This is complete with user defined markers to help you break them up. This view makes it easy to track where trouble spots may arise during your application.

Goldfish even allows you to filter and group allocations to enable you to see totals and counts.
Code Memory

Goldfish will process your applications MAP file and break down the memory used by your code in the form of global and static variables. This is memory that is consumed and often easily missed during the course of development.

Find and Seek

Goldfish will compare memory and filter the allocations unique to each snapshot. You won't need a spread sheet again to track these errors.

Once you have isolated any leaks, you can track it like any other error in Goldfish.